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  • About Us

    Amz.Group was founded in early 2020 by Sam GONZALES based on the observation that there were little to no online professional communities for Amazon Sellers, Vendors, and Brands. While there are many Facebook, Linkedin, and Reddit groups to help new sellers - very little exists for professionals and, more specifically, business professionals coming from other distribution channels than Amazon.

    The AMZ Group community aims to give its members access to quality and expert content for them to understand the complex ecosystem of Amazon better and take action to enhance this distribution channel in their business further.

    We hope you will contribute your knowledge and expertise to this community and that you will learn new strategies and tips from your fellow peers.


    20934944_10154752572411643_8710309090052084744_o.jpg.fae2a206ad85e7fc2bb578855deb679c.jpg.a70e3000bfef92abe80c36add26d4c75.jpgAbout the founder

    Sam GONZALES started his career on the web at 16, working for Lycos, the ancestor to Google we know today. After multiple experiences in the web industry, he founded Krooga, which is recognized as the leading French Amazon agency. Over the past five years, he has helped 100+ brands understand Amazon and develop their sales on this distribution channel.


Online Community for Amazon Sellers, Vendors and Brands

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