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  • A Closer Look at Oars and Alps’ Amazon Optimization Strategy

    A Closer Look at Oars and Alps’ Amazon Optimization Strategy

    Premium men’s skin care brand Oars and Alps is in the process of perfecting their Amazon marketing techniques, finding a way to adapt to the retail stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic while also building a foundation for the future. Their experiences can tell sellers a lot about how to weather uncertain times on Amazon as well as how to get their business established as a well-known brand.

    Handling Immediate Problems

    Oars and Alps is a rising brand that was enjoying steady growth before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, causing turmoil in the global marketplace – and Amazon in particular – that forced them to reconsider their usual marketing tactics. While the company only makes 15% of their total sales through Amazon, they experienced a steep 50% drop in conversions for marketing spending at the beginning of April and saw 4-week delays imposed on many of the remaining orders that were placed at that time.

    The company is currently re-examining its marketing ROI every few days to keep on top of the many sudden shifts the market is undergoing; if something isn’t working, that approach is either tweaked or scrapped altogether. That aspect continues to modified until satisfactory results are achieved, then continues to be monitored over those regular check-ins in case more changes are needed. This constant re-evaluation allows them to keep pushing their revenue up when it starts to dip and giv...

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    Sam GONZALES started his career on the web at 16, working for Lycos, the ancestor to Google we know today. After multiple experiences in the web industry, he founded Krooga, which is recognized as the leading French Amazon agency. Over the past five years, he has helped 100+ brands understand Amazon and develop their sales on this distribution channel.

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