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  • Jungle Scout Founder Greg Mercer on Amazon's Evolution and How Sellers Can Still Prosper

    Jungle Scout Founder Greg Mercer on Amazon's Evolution and How Sellers Can Still Prosper

    In a recent interview with Eric Bandholz from Practical Ecommerce, Jungle Scout founder Greg Mercer spoke about the origins of his company and how the business of selling on Amazon has changed over the years. His conclusions indicate that while Amazon has grown and changed considerably since he first started selling on it himself, there is still plenty of room for new entrants into the market if they use data to guide their decision-making.

    What is Jungle Scout?

    Jungle Scout began in 2015 as productivity endeavor for Mercer, who was then running a business reselling Chinese white-label products on Amazon as a way to fund his ongoing travels. He needed to optimize his sales and kept a spreadsheet to do so, but soon shifted to developing a Google Chrome extension that could analyze sales for him. That extension was one of the first tools available to help sellers track sales of specific products in their Amazon storefront, and it was popular enough to grow into a fully-fledged company.

    Jungle Scout is now best known for providing detailed keyword search volume metrics and high-accuracy estimations of Amazon sales, proving that t...

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    S Gonzales
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    Sam GONZALES started his career on the web at 16, working for Lycos, the ancestor to Google we know today. After multiple experiences in the web industry, he founded Krooga, which is recognized as the leading French Amazon agency. Over the past five years, he has helped 100+ brands understand Amazon and develop their sales on this distribution channel.

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