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Abdul Rehman

Dealing with late suppliers

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How to deal with suppliers who miss delivery deadlines..

I placed an order on 6th February, which was due to be finished 6th April. They maintained throughout the pandemic that the factory is unaffected. However they have pushed delivery back a few times now, which means it will be delayed by 1 month in total.

They have failed to keep me up to date and only informed me when asked. Should I ask for a discount or be more reasonable/understanding of the situation? Please suggest

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I wouldn't be understanding anymore if they're not communicating responsibly to me anymore. We really have to expect delays in the production of products from our suppliers. This pandemic is something that happens rarely and might really affect their production. Still, a delay is a delay and I only become understanding of my suppliers that have been decent by letting me know of the status of the orders that I've made. This includes on what part of the production are they already in. Are they gonna need more time? Will they be delayed or what? If they keep on communicating with me and answer those questions then that's really fine by me. Because we are the middleman in the transactions we are doing. So our buyer would most probably ask the same questions to us and how are we going to explain if we do not know what's happening in the production of the products? And no good response to your customers means bad review which is what we always avoid in our marketplace. It's like a chain reaction of events you see.

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