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How traditional retailers find wholesalers?

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I am trying to open retail account with wholsaler and not able to find good wholesaler. I did google search but no help. 

For sure a traditional retailer will no search it via google.  And my question is how do they find their wholesalers?


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You really have to do your own research and go to the actual place where there are wholesale sellers of the items that you want to resell to Amazon. You can start by going to a neighborhood near a factory where there are people selling similar pieces of stuff for a lower fee. That's how I find my suppliers. Imagine if there's a factory of fabric in one city, then the people in that city would probably often buy that raw fabric to turn them into nice clothes. They won't be so expensive to make because they don't have to pay for the transportation of the raw materials. Then most of those sellers don't really sell their items online because they already make enough from the local sales they're the ones we should target. If you ever find a good supplier without a website then it's even better because you'll be the only to sell that kind of item on Amazon.

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