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With the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeff Bezos has returned to Amazon’s day to day management roles, having distanced himself a while back.

Back in 2017, Amazon's founder and CEO had delegated to his deputies most of the immediate problem-solving duties at the global e-commerce market-leading company. Soon after the start of the coronavirus problems, however, Mr. Bezos, who is now 56 years old, has since resumed his focus on amazon amidst the retailer’s current challenges. 

As the pandemic ranges on, Amazon is grappling with demand surges, logistical issues, and labor unrest, with Jeff now making daily decisions on inventory, testing, and the megastore's comeback against public criticism. The Amazon CEO made an impromptu visit to one of the company's busiest warehouses and has been holding talks with government officials regarding the revival of the economy.

Source : New York Times
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Amazon founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey P. Bezos penned this year's shareholder letter, highlighting the e-commerce giant's outlook amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Putting it as he sees it, Jeff Bezos began with reiterating that the online retailer had learned of the value that its consumers have placed in them.

Seeing through this tremendous responsibility, he said, was Amazon's sole purpose for the moment, with all its time and resources being directed to mitigating the adverse effects of this crisis. 
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