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  1. Interesting video and analysis of why Amazon FBA for new sellers is not as easy as it sounds !
  2. Just love this ! Crazy this Amazon !
  3. I'm new and wanted to start selling on Amazon, specifically bundled items. Is there an app that anyone uses? There's an Amazon sellers app but I'm not sure if that's the correct app to be using, or should I just use the website?
  4. Wow this is very cool ! Do you think the generated photos come up again on every refresh or are they unique ? I wonder also if they could be used for website illustrations - goodbye human stock photos 😂
  5. Hello all, Coming from the traditional ecommerce industry I have been using SEM Rush for my keyword research. I was wondering if you could recommend any specific tools for keyword research on Amazon ?
  6. I have been reading alot but have not been able to find the difference between a SKU and FNSKU ? For me they look quite similar....
  7. Hello, I am having difficulties understand how much Amazon charges for stockage in FBA warehouses. Could you point me to the right direction ?
  8. Hello all, I am Brian, glad to be here on this community. I have been selling on niche Shopify website and have decided to move my sells to the Amazon marketplace 100%. Pretty new to Amazon but willing to learn quick !


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