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  1. In a direct attempt to compete with Amazon, FedEx and Microsoft have forged a partnership to deliver an enhanced service to commercial shipping customers called FedEx Surround. The service is available at no extra cost to business customers and enables dynamic shipping strategies such as real-time rerouting of priority items when encountering travel delays. FedEx formerly assisted in the delivery of Amazon packages but was phased out as a service provider in 2019, while Microsoft competes with Amazon in the cloud-based infrastructure market. FedEx Surround combines these two realms to create a service that both companies are hoping will prove its value through its high-level functionality.
  2. Amazon has begun a COVID-19 testing pilot project among the employees at their warehouse in Troutdale, Oregon. Workers are asked to voluntarily self-administer the tests which are then sent to labs that have been contracted by Amazon. The company is still in the process of building the scientific workforce required to handle the full scope of the project once it is expanded to further warehouse locations, and expects to be running the program for two to three years. The cost of running the pilot from April to June is projected to reach $300 million and is part of the estimated $4 billion in COVID-19 related expenses that Amazon expects to incur in the second quarter of this year.
  3. Amazon has agreed to send an executive to testify before Congress regarding the recent Wall Street Journal report that claimed the company used individual private third-party seller data to determine what products to launch through their own private labels. Though lawmakers have called for Jeff Bezos’ personal testimony and have suggested that they are willing to subpoena him to get it if necessary, Amazon has not yet committed to sending him specifically. Amazon maintains that the practices that the report outlines would be against company policy and that any violations of this policy by individual employees would be investigated internally and stopped, but that they will nevertheless cooperate fully with Congress’ investigation.
  4. Amazon is reportedly delaying Prime Day 2020 until August in the wake of COVID-19. The sale has likely been postponed due to the difficulty of managing Prime Day sales volumes while distribution centers are already handling record numbers of orders, as well as fears that consumer spending might be depressed by continued economic uncertainty. While no official date has been set yet, industry experts speculate that the announcement of the iPhone 12 in September and Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in November would likely make any further delays unappealing to the company. An August Prime Day would also align with Reuters’ earlier reports of internal Amazon memos stating that the sale would be delayed until ‘at least August.’
  5. After a lengthy battle with the French unions about protecting workers against coronavirus, Amazon has reached an agreement to reopen its warehouses in what is seen as a victory for employees. Amazon announced last Friday that it was finalizing an agreement with employee representatives and French unions that would lead to the reopening of 6 of its fulfillment centers in France as of May 19. According to Amazon, there are 150 new safety measures aimed at protecting workers against coronavirus at its warehouses.
  6. A team of engineers from Amazon’s drone delivery unit have developed face shields that will soon be available on the giant online marketplace. In the announcement, Amazon said that its engineers had been working with a group of volunteers to design the new face shields. Already, the company has donated 10,000 shields to frontline workers, who will, again, be the primary target market. Amazon was also keen to mention their intention to open up sales to the public in the future. The face shields, it was announced, will be going for as little as up to a third of the price of the shields available in the market.
  7. Amazon has partnered with Morrisons to offer same-day food delivery service to Prime Now customers in London and nine other UK cities (including Edinburgh, Cardiff and Bristol) by the end of May. This follows a highly successful trial run of same-day delivery from Morrisons stores in select areas of London. The new same-day delivery area includes 90% of London postcodes, so while a few residents may still be unable to take advantage of this service, virtually all can now expect to have the option avaliable to them. Service in Barcelona, Spain is also being expanded with the help of the Spanish retailer DIA. This initiative is part of Amazon's efforts to better support their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which delivery services have played an essential role. The service will allow subscribers to get near-instant online access to essential food products that they might otherwise have to wait several days to receive. Customers can select a two-hour window between 8 AM and midnight for delivery when they place an order and can expect to receive their shipment at any point within that time frame. This option is expected to make it easier for UK residents to shop for food without putting themselves at risk of contracting the virus.
  8. Together with Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), the soon-to-be-trillionaire is putting the finishing touches to a plan that, if successful, will bring independent high-end designers to Amazon. Initially, the team is providing, through the newly launched “Common Threads; Vogue x Amazon Fashion,” relief for designers and design houses threatened by the impacts of the coronavirus. But, there are long-term plans beyond the pandemic that could see the designers permanently move to Amazon, with Bezos even offering perks such as no monthly fees, no warehouse fees, and no packaging fees!
  9. Very interesting video thank you Brian but maybe the author forgot to mention that FBA can allow to fulfill orders of other sales channels!
  10. Be careful not to raise it too quick so that it does not loose the buybox Depending on the product category also you could be suspended for "Price gouging" - be careful.
  11. I guess it would depend on the amount of stock you have but what about raising the price slowly to lower sales due to a higher price ?. If you have enough stock this should allow you to keep your offers active.
  12. Amazon's vice president for global health and security, Heather MacDougall, spoke to Business Insider concerning the ongoing pandemic. She outlined Amazon's proactive response towards COVID 19, with an emphasis on securing the health of its workers and associates alike. Heather said the tech giant is spearheading efforts to combat the spread of the contagion. That includes crafting new measures and technologies as well as tracking new infections. The firm will also liaise with peers in the industry to provide civic education. Above all, she said Amazon would look to resolve issues affecting the global supply chain in partnership with relevant stakeholders. Here are the key takeaways from that exclusive interview with Heather MacDougall: Amazon's innovations are on a spike, especially now when there's an insatiable need to educate the public about social distancing rules. Amid recent employee walkout due to safety issues, she dissected the challenges of deciding on the backdrop of rapidly changing info. Amazon continues to leverage the power of innovation, data insights, and technology to keep its staff and associates safe. The company is holding video conferences while its employees work from home to ensure operations don't falter. New rules and roles are forming all around Amazon staff, but with adaptability and collaboration, most of them can see tasks through. Amazon is working well beyond its means to regularly update its staff, customers, associates, and the general public alike on the pandemic as it unfolds. The tech-giant intends to spend more than $800 million to distribute protective gear to their teams. That includes gloves, sanitizes, thermal cameras, and others. Amazon has also spent $85 million to redeploy employees from their conventional roles to execute safety-oriented functions. Amazon continues to work together with relevant authorities- health bodies- to reactively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has revised its recruiting, hiring, and onboarding strategies to pave the way for 175,000 job slots amid the current peak season.
  13. On March 1, 2020, Quartz reported that Tech giant Amazon's Prime Subscriptions turnover rose 28% in the first quarter. Compared to a year ago, that is a massive revenue increment. Due to the ongoing shelter-in-place orders on the backdrop of COVID-19, most people across the US rely on Amazon for everything. From entertainment to grocery deliveries, Amazon is at the heart of it all. Amazon's subscription sales have hit a staggering $5.6 billion. As of April 30, Quartz reports that the segment alone had defied analysts' expectations, eclipsing the $77 billion mark with ease. Despite a spike in cloud computing and product purchases, the blog says Amazon's expenses will grow consistently. That includes expenditure on personal protective equipment such as sanitation supplies, masks, gloves, as well as overtime charges.
  14. Amazon’s unlimited time off policy will end starting Friday. Employees who will choose to stay at home owing to COVID-19 concerns will consequently be required to apply for a leave of absence. Amazon has been offering unlimited time off to help employees cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also raised base wages by $2 per hour for employees under self-quarantine. Workers who choose to stay at home for precautionary purposes, however, have to settle for unlimited, unpaid time off. Amazon has announced that it will grant time off for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers are not guaranteed that they will keep their positions if they take extended time off. There are reports that Amazon is hiring 175,000 more workers to fill in the shortage. Source: CBS News
  15. +1 On Keepa There are tons of FBA tools, depends on your needs I guess
  16. Sounds great ! Would definitely be interested ! How would the tool differ from for example ?
  17. I'm not too sure if you are allowed to use those photos online ? Is this the future of Royalty stock photos ?!
  18. @Joshua welcome onboard ! Feel free to ask your questions on dedicated forums !
  19. Welcome onboard @Abdul Rehman ! We hope you will find this community enriching to help you boost your Amazon knowledge !
  20. @Tomasz, great to have you onboard 🙂 Would love to hear more about the systems you are developing with MWS ! We are launching a Provider forum in the upcoming weeks so I'm sure you will be able to discuss with other MWS developers ! Hear you on the MWS API - let's hope that one day they will launch a new version 🙂 What market are you working on ? US or EU ?


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