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  1. Informative! Thank you for sharing the video.
  2. But you can see the difference between the professional photography and taking picture by your own.But yes if your budget is low and you are creative enough and having some graphical skill you might save some bucks.
  3. But I think doing it professionally, It attracts the customers more. And taking pictures from your own you have to be creative and not most of the people having a creative mind in terms of photography.
  4. No, I have received a proper response from amazon on every case i open, Yes sometimes receive late response form amazon it is because of lots of workload on them nowadays and lack of employees.
  5. Here are some cons of FBM: 1-Because you have limited involvement with Amazon, your products won’t be Prime-eligible. It’ll also be much harder to compete for a Buy Box. Not impossible, but very difficult. 2-Be careful of how you present shipping costs. The best method is to work it into the product price and advertise free shipping, but that’s not always possible. If not, present your buyer with several shipping options and costs. 3-You run the risk of buyers being turned off by longer delivery times unless you make addressing that a priority with whatever fulfillment method you choose.
  6. No amazon have 2 weeks payout cycle ! Your amount will be released after 14 days.
  7. I start my day with a cup of Tea with some slices of bread with butter 😄
  8. No, I think she wants to know for how long we can keep inventory in amazon warehouse.
  9. Yes, you need to provide certifications so that you get the approval by amazon.
  10. Yes, I agree optimization play's vital role in ranking your product & find the customer relevant items according to their interest.
  11. Yes, It's very helpful service.
  12. Amazon do have some policies regarding selling kitchen or chef's knives, This post might help you.


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