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  1. Customer really wanted the actual pictures of the item.
  2. In my case for automotive parts. As long as all the important details are in the title whether they are placed in the first or last, doesn't matter that much.
  3. In my experience, they're not actually responding to my queries on time.
  4. Yes, definitely. That's is why it is very important to have great product review.
  5. Guys, I have an Amazon store and I sell car parts. I am thinkin if it possible for me to offer new products like mobile/phone accessories, portable lights, etc. using my automotive store. Or do I need to create new store for those items? Thanks in advance.
  6. Correct, I've actually used Facebook before.
  7. Correct, their priority is the customer.
  8. They will review it and decide if they will remove it.
  9. We actually tried to put the word "compatible with Chevy, Ford., etc..", some have been approved. Do you have other ways to avoid it?
  10. My employer before actually got lot's of issues regarding this BRAND NAME thing. W'ere actually selling OE car parts before and mostly they will fit a particular vehicles. They're actually a direct replacement parts and putting the VEHICLES info in the title removed all our listings. They're all not live on amazon.
  11. Does any one of you tried the "Automated Pricing Tool? What are the pros and cons using it. I am selling around 200 items and I am thinking if I will try this or continue doing it manually.
  12. That's actually possible. But I think most buyers are really preferred Amazon and eBay Marketplaces than E-com site.
  13. Maybe you only have 1 stock available, Amazon will already tagged this as "out of stock".
  14. Thank you. I've actually tried some computer and phone accessories. It sells but not good. I'll try this.


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