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  1. Yes, it's how people across the internet can find about us and discover that our products exists. Once they find us, then it's up to our presentation of the product on our product page. From the amount, from the pictures, and information that we give that will help the customers feel uncomfortable regarding buying the product from us. Long tail keywords optimization is part of search engine optimization method that we all should consider doing whenever we can to improve our chances of getting sales over our competitors.
  2. Yep. Every website keeps updating something to improve their platform and services just like Amazon. This means vulnerabilities will always arise. You can't stop updating your software either because new problems always arises that needs to be addressed. So, yeah, it's like expected yearly to happen. And it's always related to the functions of the website. This year though, I don't know, I think it's gonna be different. They may not get an overload of orders because it's already half of the year and still no proper remedy for the corona virus. People are not getting enough income. I hope I'm wrong though and it will just be another year with technical problems, not sales.
  3. What is the product silhouette? Simply put, it's the figure of our product colored in plain black, like a shadow. This gives the viewer or customer a better idea of the shape of the product. Moreover, by having silhouettes in your product description, you'll able to display the measurement of your product. This gives the viewer a better understanding of what they're gonna buy and won't be afraid that what's gonna be delivered to them is just a miniature version. Having that kind of photo in your product will make it stand out among the rest, People are buying things online. They can't really feel the product and see the measurements for themselves. Like in clothes. So, the seller who can give the most information about a product earns more trust from customers and sales. So, yes, I would agree that we need product silhouettes if we want better chances of selling. It's not really required by Amazon though but if this gives customers a better view of what they're ordering, I'm in for it.
  4. Yes. You can also look at the perspective of a customer who's looking for our products. If we search for Amazon products on Google or another platform, you can always see the product title only. So, a descriptive product title would most certainly inform the customer right away if it's the product they really searched for or not instead of having to click on all of them one by one just to see the description.
  5. Yes, but with some help, people won't really be able to tell. This is my most favorite method of all since the guy didn't even use a white perspex sheet to do it. He just used a desk, white cloth (a bed sheet) that's not even ironed, a few lighting equipment (you can also do it beside a window for extra natural lighting), and a mobile phone to take the pictures. Once you have these tools that are usually available in our house, you can then look for and install the amazon seller app on your phone. Once installed login to your account. From the menu options, you can go to the product photo studio which is available on this app. From there, you can directly take photos of your products to be sold on your Amazon account. Once we have the shot, we can use the filters and other photo adjustments from the Amazon app itself. You'll just have to crop the photo of course on however you want it. Just by using your phone camera and this method, you can take pictures of Amazon products using the Amazon seller app to look just like the object on the thumbnail of the Youtube video below. He also shared the video for those sellers who are just beginning to explore and try to sell a few products on Amazon. You guys can try it too! You can also use the Amazon Seller App photo editing for other things that you want of course so it's really that fun and useful.
  6. This is what's happening when there's a lot of competition on a certain product category. You will always find that there over spills of traffic. So, even though it's with what people are saying about high competition, it doesn't necessarily mean that we won't make a sale out of it because people love to look at related products instead of just buying the first one that they see.
  7. It's okay. For Amazon products, we have this option when we are creating a product page. It's the same with websites, when we create an article or a product page we'll have an option to change the permalink before publishing the post. It's really helpful because searches would make it more clear that the page should be on top of the searches and not the other duplicates.
  8. Thanks for this. Glad to see Amazon has fewer restrictions now in terms of selling masks and other COVID 19 related products. It was really hard before when the pandemic broke out because we can't go outside to buy our necessities and we can't order anything online because it's not allowed to be sold there. But I guess it's okay because they restricted the sale of COVID 19 products online to avoid abuse.
  9. I would have them taken by a professional as well especially if we have a thousand products in our inventory. I always think about other Amazon sellers on a budget though and remind them that yes, there ways to use your own product photos and make them look professionally taken without hiring photographers to do it for you. Just like how it as for us on our first online products. Everything is "DIY". 😄
  10. It's really number 3 that can kill our business. It's the most common problem in FBA, longer delivery time. I don't know why people have very little consideration for this. Sometimes, even when an item has already been delivered with in the allotted time (5-7 days) they would insist that it should have been delivered on the 5th day. 😞
  11. Yes. There is abundance in Amazon traffic but let's not forget to abandon other possible sources of traffic. A sale is still a sale 🙂 Even sometimes feel that I should just a product that I want to buy on search engines and let it decide where can I buy it LOL.
  12. Yes, we do. It's always advised to invest in a photography kit for this and I agree. However, you would notice that the most important part of that kits is proper lightning, and drapes for the background. We can always be creative with those. Try getting photos of your product using sunlight, then use the natural background from any part of your house. You can even just do an overhead photography on your products if you want.
  13. They're really short on staff right now like other companies because of the crisis we are currently facing globally. Their response to my problems are still spot on but if you really want any answers from them, you may want to include everything in bullet points to make sure they will answer each of them. Otherwise you may have to wait a longer time again for another reply.
  14. Yes. We can always use our amazon tools to check competition accurately. However, for someone who's a beginner in Amazon selling, they may not have the budget yet for all the tools available and they may just want to try it out. This is one of the free methods they can be doing in order to search for a product with low competition.
  15. Yes, and we can use it. When looking for a new product to sell, you can also look at related items on Amazon with the ones that have fewer reviews made on them. If a product has less than 50 reviews then you can already say that it's making a profit and there's not much competition yet. This is useful especially for beginners on Amazon that are still looking for new products to sell. I've done this before as well and use it as an indicator of a product. True enough I managed to make some sales from it too.


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