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  1. Wow great video.. so glad you shared this.. Now I can start using these techniques and take photos of our products myself. This will save me a lot of money. Great info!
  2. You have to contact Amazon and ask why, that's for sure. But if it helps,, here are some reasons that might have led to the suspension of your account: 1. You might have 2 accounts on Amazon. 2. Selling restricted items. 3. Selling fake items. 4. Frequent order cancellation 5. Late shipping 6. Negative customer reviews It is important to keep an eye on these metrics and to make sure that you at least hit the minimum target set by Amazon: * Less than 2.5% for the cancellation rate * Less than 4% for delayed shipment * Less than 1% for defects in goods You can try to do the following steps to find out why Amazon suspended your account: 1. Go to the Seller Central portion of your account. 2. Navigate the Performance tab and choose Performance Notifications from the dropdown. 3. Locate the Suspension Notice and click on Appeal. 4. Fill out the Appeal form by stating your plans of action. Maybe the video below can also help you out.
  3. It says Amazon is approving covid 19 supplies to be sold by its sellers but there are additional requirements for new listings since their items need to be vetted and approved by Amazon before they can sell it there. More info on the link below.
  4. I think Amazon has lifted some restrictions or eased up on their policies on their sellers wanting to sell covid 19 related items such as masks as I just saw this article below. Sales are good for home made masks that are reusable because personally I think it will be a long time before covid 19 goes away, so I guess this is probably the best time to sell covid 19 related items on Amazon. Hope this helps.
  5. Me too, I did not bother to capitalize the first letter of the word so I am glad you brought up this topic because my research led me to finding out more rules that I was not aware of. Great topic you have here.
  6. That's interesting, so overall Amazon's platform is not all that reliable sometimes especially when there's a sale or when during holiday season. So this is something I need to be prepared for as it seems to be inevitable. Thanks for sharing this. it is very useful for new sellers like me.
  7. @Abdul Rehman I see, yeah you do have a point there. So I think for beginners, FBA should be the way to go, then I guess as I move along and have enough funds to fulfill my orders myself as I think it needs manpower and more focus to run an FBM business as compared to an FBA business, then it's best to wait until I have a concise plan on how my FBM business would work should I choose to venture down that path. Thanks for sharing...This is so helpful.
  8. @Yvony Good point! A friend of mine who is also an Amazon seller plans to do the same but she did not know that a certification was needed for this item. I'm glad you brought up this topic as now she needs to tread lightly on whether to sell this item without some sort of certification as I understand that doing so can lead to buyer issues on the quality and would even cost getting an account suspended. So again thanks for discussing this.
  9. @Yvony I am sorry to hear that! Well this has not yet happened to me. In most cases, of refund issues, its because of fulfillment or delivery issues on FBA orders on our products. However like what @Abdul Rehman mentioned when a customer leaves a bad review like the FBA order that was damaged due to delivery and goes on our Amazon site to leave a bad review on that order, so as suggested that kind of review can be removed by sending an email to Amazon customer support and state your reason that it was an FBA order and usually they will remove the feedback. Hope this helps.
  10. @Yvony I agree keyword stuffing does have penalties on Google and this is what most online business owners are trying to avoid. I try to be careful when writing articles using long tail keywords as keyword stuffing triggers Google to penalize my website. In cases where I use long tail keywords in my Amazon product descriptions I try to use it every 100 to 150 words before mentioning the keyword again. Thanks for sharing this info.
  11. @Yvony Great info, now I know how useful a canonical URL is! But tell me, where do you suggest I put permalinks? Would this be more useful in articles on my blogs or do I have an option to use permalinks on product descriptions areas on Amazon? I understand that such urls will link back to my main website.. Is that right? Sorry, I'm new to this stuff. I look forward to your suggestions, thanks!
  12. @Yvony Hey good thinking because most of the time I see long tail keywords being used on product titles on Amazon and this is sometimes a bit unpleasant to look at because it is kind of confusing. I guess long-tail keywords are useful and can be placed in other areas such as on product descriptions and on an article on your blog that talks about the product and its uses. Great topic by the way! Thanks for sharing!
  13. @YvonyGee thanks, now I see your point, so you are trying to give the impression of a sale to entice them to buy the product. So this is a marketing or sales strategy that you have been using for quite some time now or did you just implement it lately? So, how did that work out for you? Are you getting more sales when you use this sales tactic? Hope you can share your personal journey on this. Thanks!
  14. @Yvony Wow this is a smart move! I am happy you talked about this as I was trying to think if it was possible to do that and now that you mentioned the advantages of piggybacking on a product, I can see that you are right. I will definitely give this a try and thanks for posting such a useful topic once again!
  15. I understand that there are various niches out there but I want to sell products on Amazon that have a low competitive niche. Any ideas on how to do this? What tools do you guys use? I would appreciate comments and suggestions, thanks!
  16. @Yvony oh okay thanks for this cool tip - I did not know that! So this is a good indicator that a product is on high demand but has relatively low competition on Amazon. That's amazing, great observation by the way! I usually use a tool or research online on which products are on high demand on Amazon yet with low competition. I appreciate your insight on this one, it's so useful!
  17. Hey guys, I am new to all of this and I was wondering if you could share some of your ideas in starting an Amazon ad campaign.. I know some of you might differ in using various tools but I would love to get an overview so I can weigh my options, as well as see the pros and cons on your suggestions. Thanks!
  18. Well personally I use and I always use long tail keywords of the product.
  19. Yeah I guess you are right. It's frustrating for sellers and buyers too because in some issues, we email customer support for lost items not received by the customer and for other stuff requiring Amazon's intervention before the issue gets resolved. Because as what I have observed, when one Amazon staff opens the email and answers it and then once I reply back another Amazon agent opens it and sometimes without reading back the whole history and thus it lengthens the time that the issue is resolved. So this is where human error lies. That's why I avoid escalating issues via email as I hate this kind of scenario.
  20. Have any of you guys experienced getting canned replies on your cases sent to Amazon Customer Support? Is there a work around on this? This is the reason why I sometimes don't like to escalate a problem to Amazon as some support staff don't care to read the case email. I guess they are having a lot on their plate and this is frustrating sometimes.
  21. I found these websites to help with selling on Amazon. Hope this helps.
  22. Yes you are absolutely right when it comes to inventory. So this would mean a bigger place to put all your products and more people to fulfill the orders and better systems in place to make everything run as smoothly as possible. So this is where the challenge will be.
  23. With what I have seen on the news, I think that covid 19 might be here for a while so the best thing we could all do is live a healthy lifestyle, eat the right kind of food that will boost our immune system and adapt or live with the virus as it is not going away that quickly. I think most people might be immune to it but there are health risk individuals like the elderly and the sick whose immune system might make them more vulnerable to the virus, so I still think that it's better to stay at home by all means necessary unless you need to go out and buy food, medicine or pay your bills. It's sad that things are like this and it's affecting the whole world, regardless of gender and race. 😩


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