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Found 20 results

  1. I see a lot of videos on Youtube about profitable Amazon products that don't gain a lot of negative feedback such as office accessorie?s. They use a software to determine which products are marketable minus the negative customer feedback. Any comments if this is a reliable thing? Have you guys tried it?
  2. Guys, I found out that even though Amazon allows their sellers to sell on Amazon via their Shopify e commerce store, some rules still need to be met by the sellers, prior to syncing their Shopify with Amazon, such as the following: 1. Your Shopify account should be active. 2. Your store needs to have prices in USD. 3. You must not be shipping your products using Fulfillment by Amazon. In the past, Amazon did allow Fulfillment by Amazon but it created a lot of issues so they decided to remove this option, instead all orders need to be fulfilled now by the merchant. See more info on you are able to,within all active sales channels.
  3. Any idea on what the ideal character count for an Amazon product title should be? What is its importance to sponsored ads?
  4. TL:DR Can you be brand registered for a single brand as both a seller (seller central) and a vendor (vendor central)? If so, how do you manage that? Apart from my own FBA biz, I am now working for a biz that is both a vendor (ie vendor central) and a seller (seller central) - sometimes they sell the same product on both the seller and vendor sides, but products are mostly on one side or the other. They sell their own private label brands as well as being a licensed "distributor" for a few international brands. Their overall buybox percentage sucks and they have no brands registered. So one of my first projects is getting as many brands registered as possible. I've read conflicting things about getting brand registered when you have a hybrid (vendor + seller) approach. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it possible to register a brand on both the vendor and seller sides? If so, would you be so kind as to provide directions?
  5. I just want to share this info . A list of prohibited items on Amazon FBA. FBA prohibited products Substances regulated by the Narcotics Act It is your responsibility to know whether the products you are shipping are regulated as hazardous materials. Hazardous materials that are shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers may be subject to disposal without reimbursement, even if they have not been previously identified by Amazon as hazardous materials. To learn more, see the Dangerous goods identification guide. Sellers participating in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) must comply with Amazon’s restricted products policy and FBA-specific product restrictions. The following products are prohibited from FBA: Alcoholic beverages (including non-alcoholic beer) Vehicle tires Gift cards, gift certificates, and other stored-value instruments Products with unauthorized marketing materials, such as pamphlets, price tags, or other non-Amazon stickers Note: Amazon will not accept pre-priced labels or products. Products that require preparation but that have not been prepped according to FBA packaging and prep requirements Loose packaged batteries Damaged or defective units Note: Used condition products may have damage as long as the product is labeled with the appropriate condition. Products with labels that were not properly registered with Amazon before shipment or that do not match the product that was registered Products that do not comply with any agreement between Amazon and the seller Products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured Note: We reserve the right to deny removal requests for and to destroy any inventory identified as counterfeit. Products that Amazon otherwise determines are unsuitable
  6. Does Amazon allow transfer of ownership of one's FBA account to someone else?
  7. If I do not have or own an Amazon Buy Box, would it be possible for me to run PPC Campaigns?
  8. Hey guys, just wondering if any of you have tried using Shopify to connect to your Amazon store? Is this possible? If so, how did that experience pan out for you? Pros and cons to it?
  9. Hey guys, just want to find out if Amazon allows theirs sellers to sell their products on other E-commerce sites like Walmart, E-bay, Shopify etc. Or do they have certain restrictions on such policies?
  10. Does anyone know if the number of reviews help to determine or indicate that the product is selling well and deserves to be a bestseller? Does this have an impact on a product that you would want to be ranked as a Best Seller? Or does Amazon rank Bestselling Products just based on sales?
  11. In light of the Corona virus pandemic, does anybody know if Amazon plans to lower their fees to sellers? I mean even banks are giving discounts on charges and bank fees.Nowadays, it would help a lot of sellers if possibly Amazon can lower or at least remove some seller fees for just a month or two. I mean hey wishful thinking but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  12. Does Amazon give me the prerogative to give discounts to customers or to have some of my products be on sale randomly? Or do I need to get Amazon's approval to do a sale?
  13. Is there a limit to how often one can change prices? Or does Amazon flag sellers who change prices quite often? How frequent is often?
  14. Hey guys! hopefully, you are doing great. I have found my product to sell on Amazon and also found the supplier who produces it in China. The supplier said that they have this exclusive Amazon seller in North American Market and that I cannot buy from them and ship to Amazon. So I asked to produce the product for me on EXWORKS so I could pick it up through a Freight Forward and then ship it to the USA. I was wondering the exclusive seller on Amazon can sue me for selling their product on Amazon? I would appreciate any advice.
  15. 1. Improve Product Listing Long-term sales are important and they start with properly optimizing your product listing for conversions. In order to achieve a high conversion rate, create a product listing that would stand out from the rest. Make sure you have an engaging product description and effective tagging. Don’t forget to include high-quality images with a product specification to match. 2. Drive Traffic from Outside Sources ncrease your number of new customers by attracting traffic from outside sources. In doing this, you will begin to develop an edge over your competition, your ROI will skyrocket, and your products will stand out above the rest. Ways to bring in outside traffic include: increasing social media efforts working with social influencers updating your blog regularly guest blogging on websites your target audience may visit participating in forums and communities and building a strong following by partnering with affiliate marketers who are active on Amazon. 3. Do Your Keyword Research Many sellers still don’t understand how keywords help them and why they’re so important. That’s problematic as proper keyword use is one of the surefire ways to get your product on the top of most rankings. Choose relevant keywords so that your products can be found on search terms. Start off by creating an effective product title that has the keyword in it — something that would attract buyers and that will appear in common search results. For more help with keyword research, use Amazon’s own instant fill-in search drop down or other tools like Google Keyword Planner and MerchantWords. You can also setup an Amazon PPC campaign to get high volume keywords for your niche market. 4. Offer High-Speed Shipping and Order Processing What is always found with sellers who have a high Amazon ranking? They offer high-speed shipping and order processing. As a seller, you want to ensure your customers are happy and satisfied with your products, service, and brand. To do this, stay consistent when processing and shipping orders. Make it a point to keep an eye on accuracy and speed in order processing. You don’t want to receive complaints from customers due to inaccuracy or slow shipping and by doing the opposite, you may even encourage satisfied customer feedback. 5. Figure Out Top-level Categories Understanding how to use top-level categories on Amazon can greatly affect your visibility in search results, which affects your overall Amazon ranking. It is important to specify a top-level category when setting up a product for sale. Do your research and list your products in the proper top category. If you fail to do this, expect a very low search visibility and Amazon ranking. 6. The Power of Product Reviews Enticing customers to give your product positive feedback will lead to higher rankings and more clicks from other Amazon shoppers. This, in turn, will equate to a spike in orders and sales. When sales are high, processing and shipping are consistent, and your customer service is good, you’ll earn even more positive reviews. 7. Bounce Rate and Time on Page Did you know that, like Google Analytics, Amazon can measure how a customer interacts with their website? They track the time one spends on a page and the bounce rate stats. If a customer spends a lot of time on your listing page, this means that he is likely to be interested in your product. He is also more likely to buy your product if he reads reviews, feedback, and product descriptions. If he just skims through a brief feature list and no other content option is available, he may bounce from that page immediately, which signals to Amazon that your product may not be worth ranking well. 8. Manage Product Availability Inventory management is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, steady sales, and your Amazon ranking. Make sure you manage your inventory properly so your ‘store shelves’ are well-stocked. You don’t want to send customers running to another seller if the item they need is out-of-stock.
  16. How important is SEO when making Amazon product descriptions? Is this really necessary?
  17. Hi everyone, any info on requirements or restrictions in selling a particular brand on Amazon?
  18. Is it okay for an Amazon seller to give away products to random customers in exchange for product reviews? I think this is a good marketing strategy but does Amazon allow it?
  19. I recently knew of a complaint from an Amazon seller that selling disposable masks was disapproved by Amazon. In light of the pandemic, this would be something quite profitable but of course I agree that it should be sold within standard prices. Does anyone know about this? What other products does Amazon not allow to be sold? Aside from disposable masks, hand sanitizers and alcohol were some of the things my sister was planning to sell soon but we're not sure of the rules, so any info would really help.
  20. Hi i am Abdul rehman, New in this community and would love to share my experience as a seller Have been doing amazon FBA since 2 years Sale are good enough to grow my business Here for some help plus can serve this community from my past experiences Pro/Cons ,Tips & Tricks Best Regards 🙂.


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